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The English Experience (Norwich)

The English Experience is a school in the heart of Norwich city, specialised in young learners courses. The age range accepted by this school is between 13 and 18 years old. In some special cases 12 years old students can be accepted if travelling with a group. If you are a young learner or you are looking for a course for your children/young family members The English Experience is the ideal choice: who better than a specialised institution can help you?

Most of the courses run by The English Experience are seasonal courses, generally held Between spring and early Autumn, however they also offer all-year-round Trinity courses. English Experience trinity courses are also for student of age between 13 and 18 years old in classes of maximum 15 students (unless agreed otherwise).

Being the school a  recognised Trinity Graded Examination in Spoken English centre, students can take their one-to-one Trinity exam in the same school.

Another peculiarity of this school is the school integration programme, which allow international students to study, for a limited time, in a real English high school alongside with local teenagers. This is an programme programme and a unique occasion for international students to live and learn like an English teenagers. The school integration programme is for groups only, if you are interested in organise a group please contact Ciao English, we are happy to help!

School Integration Programme (Half Day Integration)

Study in a local high school alongside with English students. The programme include half day english course and half day high school classes.

Age Range: 14-16


School Integration Programme (Full Day Integration)

Students joining this programme will study in a local high school alongside with English students. A unique occasion to live and learn like an English teenager.

Age Range: 14-16